Working Hours:

Monday-Friday 08:00 a.m to 08:00 p.m

During national or summer holidays, the working hours of the library change accordingly and will be displayed on the Announcements menu.



  • Books
  1. Main Collection Books

The library’s books are located in each of the individual Law Sectors in seven different rooms.


301 Economic and Commercial Law

302 History, Philosophy and Sociology of Law.

303 Civil Procedural Law and Labor Law

304 Civil Law

305 International Studies

306 Public Law and Political Science

307 Criminal Law and Criminology

Library’s Manager Office, Rare Acquisitions

  1. Donation Books

The Law School has acquired a number of its books and journals from donators. These collections are:

  • Alexander Papanastasiou Donation
  • K. Karavas, G.-A. Milonas, K. Papakonstantinou, A. Svolou, T. Tsatsou and H. Mϋller Donations
  • I. Sarris Donation
  • Markopouliotis Donation
  • U.S.A Government Donation for the 200 years of Independence
  • I. Deligiannis Donation.
  • N. Papantoniou Donation
  • S. Koutsoumpinas Donation
  • Al. Konstantas Donation
  • G. Papadimitriou Donation
  1. Rare Books

Books up until the 1930’s constitute the rare books collection. These books are non loanable and can only be photocopied partially.


The journals are classified by subject alphabetically in different sections of the library :

  • The International Law and Private Law journals can be found in room 308. 
  • The journals of the History, Philosophy and Sociology of Law and Administrative Law and Political Sciences are located in the main corridor.
  • General subject law journals and the foreign languages journals of the Criminal Law sectors are located in the sunroom, whilst the Greek journals of the Criminal Law are located in the main collection of the respective sector.
  • Other Book Material
  1. Festschrifts

Festschrifts are located in the lobby of room 305 with the indication “HON” above the classification number.

  1. Informative material

Encyclopedias, dictionaries, indexes, yearbooks, bibliographies, compendiums, manuals, codexes etc. can be found mainly in the study room.


Withdrawn Material

Multiple copies of books and journals, as well as older journals can be found in the basement of the new wing of the building.


Use of the Library

  1. Photocopies and Prints

There are four photocopying machines available to the users, one of which doubles as a printer.

  1. Book loan

The library’s book loan policy is governed by article 4 of the current uniform AUTH Library & Information Centre Regulation.

  1. Wi-Fi
  2. Protection and Control

The library’s books are protected by an electronic control system.