Conference on "Pluralism or Universalism in International Copyright Law"

ICICL 2018

The “Pluralism or Universalism” in international copyright law


Thursday, May 31st 2018: University of Cyprus, Leventios Building, Room B 108.      

Friday, June 1st 2018: University of Cyprus, Leventios Building, Room B 108.

Main Questions

Part I: Regional copyright harmonization: Necessary diversity or incompatibility with international copyright law standards? 

Part II: The Universalism or Pluralism dilemma in international copyright law making

Part III: Do the knowledge economy and information society call for a uniform international copyright approach and why?

Organiser: Tatiana Eleni Synodinou,  Associate Professor of Private Law, Law Department, University of Cyprus 

The Department of Law of the University of Cyprus, with great enthusiasm invites you to join in the international copyright law conference “The ‘Pluralism or Universalism in international copyright law”, which will be held on 31st May to 1st June 2018 in the heartbeat of Cyprus’ commercial and business center, Nicosia, at the facilities of the University of Cyprus.

The overall objective of the conference is to stimulate a fruitful discussion on the contemporary evolution of copyright law under the light of international copyright law principles.  

Ever since the adoption of the Berne Convention and the engagement of a vast movement of minimum harmonisation of the national copyright legal frameworks, up to the continuous effort of harmonisation of the national legal frameworks at the European Union level, new set of rules are still emerging.

In this direction, prestigious academics and researchers round the world will attempt to elaborate and answer in two interrelated questions:

  • Is the Berne’s Convention ideological heritage of harmonisation of Copyright laws in peril?
  • In the global digital village, should this eventual plurality of national responses be seen as a concern or, on the contrary, should a policy of a more profound regionalization of Copyright law be opted? 

The conference provides a valuable opportunity for academics, lawyers, judges, consultants, researchers, policy makers, artists, creators, publishers, state authorities,  private institutions and students to take part in a major international forum where the present and the future of copyright law will be discussed.  

The registration fee is 25 euros for both days and the participants will pay via jcc at the conference’s website, which will be open until 01/06/2018.  Certificate of participation will be given at the end of the conference.

The program of the conference is attached.

For more information please visit the conference website or contact us to: or to tel. (+357) 22892920.

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