Greek-Swiss Seminars of the Faculty of Law of AUTH and the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich

Since 1992, the Law School of AUTH, now called Faculty of Law, (and especially the Department of Civil, Civil Procedural and Labour Law) and the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich have co-organized, with the support of the Rectorate of AUTH and the national Bar Associations, especially the Bar Association of Thessaloniki, ten seminars (in German and partly in English), focusing each time on a different subject.

Groups of Greek and Swiss (undergraduate and postgraduate) students participate in these seminars with self-written papers and oral presentations, followed by extensive discussion. At the end of the seminar, a joint exercise, combining the main parts of the subject under consideration, is resolved by groups. The purpose of the seminar is the comparative approach to issues, with regard to civil, civil procedural and private international law as well as international procedural law in both jurisdictions.

The seminar is based on the reciprocal hospitality of Greek and Swiss students and is organized alternately in Thessaloniki and in Zurich. The comparative approach to the seminar gives the participants the opportunity to get acquainted with the relevant country and its law, through educational and cultural activities (such as visits to the university library and courts). Participants receive a certificate of participation.

Since Professor Isaak Meier reached the age limit, responsible for the Swiss participation and co-organizer of the seminar is Professor Peter Breitschmid, Chair of Private Law with specialization in civil (inheritance) law at the University of Zurich. Responsible from the Greek side are the Professors of the Department of civil, civil procedural and labour law, Achilleas Koutsouradis and Kalliopi Makridou, and the Associate Professor, Mr. Angelos Kornilakis.

Since 2015, the Faculty of Law of the German University of Würzburg has also been actively involved in this organization under the collaboration agreement between the two Faculties of Law, with responsible Professors Mr. Florian Bien and Michael Sonnentag.

For more information, please contact the Secretariat of the Department of Civil, Civil Procedural and Labour Law of the Faculty of Law of AUTH (Mrs. K. Patkou, tel. 2310 996622), Professors Ach. Koutsouradis (devechi@law.auth .gr) and Kall. Makridou ( or Associate Professor Ang. Kornilakis (