International Commercial Mediation Competition

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Paris organizes an annual International Commercial Mediation Competition with the participation of undergraduate law students from various universities and professional mediators. The Law School of AUTH participated for the first time in the Competition in February 2013 with a group of four students and the support of Vice Rector and the Research Committee, and with encouraging results for the future. About 500 students from across the globe participated in this competition. In particular, the team of our Law School competed with teams from the Universities of Beijing, Houston and Ottawa, Canada. Participating in this Competition was a valuable experience for the participants.

Furthermore, on February 18-21, 2015, the Law School of AUTH participated in the 14th International Academy of Dispute Resolution (INADR) Competition between Law Schools, with a group of three students (two undergraduate students and one recent graduate). The Competition took place in London, in the buildings of the Law School of the Universities BPP and UCL. The preparation of the team of our School was made by the Assistant Professor Rigas Giovannopoulos and the Doctor of the Law School of AUTH Eleni Koltsaki. The team of our Law School achieved excellent performance among 65 other Law Schools and awarded the First Prize between the teams participated in the Competition for the first time.

For more information, students can contact Professor Lambros Kotsiris (