Jean Monnet Chair for European Constitutional Law and Culture. Chair Holder: Associate Professor L. Papadopoulou

The Chair was awarded after an international competitive tendering process under the Life Long Learning Program (and now called Erasmus+) of the European Commission (which funded the program for the years 2012-15). On the basis of this project, three undergraduate courses are taught (European Constitutional Law -both in Greek and English- and European Human Rights Law) and scientific conferences are organized, with regard to European Constitutional Law and Culture, and with the participation of academics and judges.

Correspondingly, two-day conferences were organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Law and the Bar Association of Thessaloniki: the first conference aimed to honor Mr. V. Skouris, Professor of our School and then President of the European Court of Justice (28-29/03/2014), while the second one took place in memory of Professors D.Th. Tsatsou and G. Papadimitriou (20-21/02/2015).